African Underground

Vol.2: The Depths of Dakar

cover of Vol.2: The Depths of Dakar

released 2007   Nomadic Wax/Notable

2007 Nomadic Wax LLC &
2007 Maycan Music Publishing
Manufactured by and Nomadic Wax LLC

Depths of Dakar is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed and highly successful transatlantic hip-hop experiment, "African Underground, Volume 1, Hip-Hop Senegal."


"You must take a look at this highly motivated, politically concious project."


Produced by Ben Herson and Dan Cantor. All songs recorded at Nomadic Wax Studios and Notable Productions. Mixed at Notable Productions.
Dan Jeselshon- Bass
Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace- Drums
Eric Biondo- Trumpet
Jeremiah Lockwood- Electric Guitar/Dorbo
Ben Jaffe- Sax
David Wake- Keyboard
Ben Rogerson- Guitar
Lenny Bradford- Bass
Lisa Goolsby- Vocals
DJ Boo- Turntables
Raja Kassis- Guitar

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