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Liz Carlisle Live@Arts First BandFest: Harvard

Liz Carlisle LiveArts First BandFest Harvard

Dan with the Liz Carlisle band featuring producer Keyboardist Rusell Wolff(, Guitarist Colin Sapp and Bassist Jason Silverman.
Thanks to Neale Eckstein of for the Photo.

Hi Dan,

We've never had anyone sit it on the drums and kick butt more than
you did. I completely forgot that we had a sub, except when I'd hear
you throw in a great fill now and again, and I realized I was hearing something
new and exciting. Tempos were really solid, and you just grooved
with the band like you'd been playing with us for several weeks.

You're definitely right at the top of our list of people to call when
we need a drummer. I hope we can work together again soon.


updated: 12 years ago