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JBL Room Mode Correction

JBL Room Mode Correction
For use with JBL LSR6328P and LSR6312SP. Everything needed to measure room, identify room modes, and set the RMC system. Includes sound level meter, test CD, Q template, adjustment tool, RMC remote bypass switch, battery, and simple instructions.
Developed by JBL Professional, RMC is a system designed to calibrate and correct low frequency (LF) response in typical listening rooms and production facilities. The LSR6328P full range monitor and LSR6312SP Subwoofer contain a single section parametric equalizer that can be adjusted to compensate for the major low frequency response peak caused by standing waves in a particular listening space. The LSR6332, LSR25P and other systems can experience the benefits of RMC when an LSR6312SP is used in the system.
The RMC process allows you to optimize the low frequency response of your system in your work environment. Using the tools provided in the RMC Kit, simply follow the instructions step-by-step and allow approximately 30 minutes to perform the adjustment process for a stereo system. You will experience a noticeable improvement in the sound quality of your system.

updated: 1 year ago