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Notable Productions

Notable Productions

Klark-Teknik DN410 (2 units)

Dual Channel Five Band Parametric Equalizer

•Two channels of five bands of full parametric equalisation with separate variable high and low pass filters in each channel.
•Switchable dual/mono operation, automatically by-passing unwanted controls in the single channel 10 band mode.
•100% frequency overlap and a wide range of filter bandwidths for maximum flexibility.
•Individual Eq. In/Out switch with LED “Filter On” status indication for each parametric filter section and overall Eq. In/Out switch.

Coleman Rogers did the custom modification to this stereo EQ to be quieter and have tighter tolerances and smoother crossovers.

Price for one

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.
KlarkTeknik DN410 2 units

updated: 6 years ago