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Mackie LM 3204 Mixer

Rack Mount Line Mixer For multi keys or summing.

The LM-3204 Mixer. 16 stereo channels (32 mono inputs) plus 4 stereo aux returns (8 extra mono inputs), and two mic preamps. Each channel has four aux sends (accessible via two controls and a 1-2/3-4 switch), 3-band EQ, constant loudness pan control, stereo in-place solo for easy level setting, our signature Mute/Alt 3-4 extra stereo bus, overload LED and an ultra-sensitive -20dB Signal Present LED. Room and phone monitoring, each with its own output and level control. Both can tap into the main L/R buses under normal conditions, tape deck output when the Tape Monitor switch is pushed in, or the stereo solo buses when any Solo switch is pressed. • Source Alt 3-4 switch. In the up position, Aux Return 3 is a normal aux return. When Source Alt 3-4 is kicked in, Aux Return 3's inputs are disconnected and the outputs of Alt 3-4 buses are routed into Aux Return 3 so you can use Alt 3-4 as a pair of sub-buses and then remix them back into the main L/R buses. • Aux Return 4 to Control Room Only switch routes Aux Return 4 to the Control Room & Phones circuits.

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Mackie LM 3204 Mixer

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