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Pro Tools Mix 888 or 882 Extension Cables

These third party cables were made for a short time and are definately not approved by DIGI. They do however extend audio interfaces from the digidesign cards if you have a reasonable track count. Perfect for those live recording setups when you want your cpu to be further away from the Audio interfaces and/ or you. Can extent 4 interfaces.

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.

updated: 3 years ago

Apple PowerPC Processor

200mhz for 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500, 9600 and UMAX S900 and J700 series

updated: 4 years ago

StorCase Data Express® DE100 (DE100I-CS/B) SCSI, IDE / EIDE Storage Cabinet 4 bay hot swap with 15 drives and trays

4 bay scsi Hot Swap

updated: 8 months ago

AirPort Extreme Card for sale

AirPort Extreme Card for sale
Bought new 2 months ago for client who didn't know they had one in their computer.  Unused but box was opened once in preparation for install. With original box and packaging. Apple part M8881LL/A, Model no. A1026

updated: 1 year ago