Notable Productions

Jinah Kim

Red Eye (2008)


Jinah Kim's first release. Powerful songwriting by a bold new artist. She will take the world by storm.


Produced and recorded by Notable Productions.
Drums and percussion played by Dan Cantor.

Chosan, Optomus & Iyeoka

In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2 (2008)



In The Name Of Love: Africa Celebrates U2 features brand-new covers of classic U2 songs by Grammy Award-winning and up-and-coming African artists including Angelique Kidjo, Les Nubians, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Vieux Farka Touré, Vusi Mahlasela and the Soweto Gospel Choir. The album was inspired by Bono's direct philanthropic impact via the launch of the ONE campaign and (RED), and his poignant outspoken public commentary on the immediate financial needs facing Africa. In The Name Of Love: Africa Celebrates U2 is a revolutionary tribute to one of the world's best-loved bands. Deluxe packaging includes detailed info on the home countries of the artists, and info on nonprofit organizations that are making a difference.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Guitar and Drums on "Desire" by Dan Cantor/Notable Productions.

Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band

Myth Understanding (2008)


With his signature blend of intelligence and whimsy, Boston-based guitarist/composer Eric Hofbauer's main working ensemble, The Infrared Band, explores his intermingling interests in wordplay, mythology and puzzles. The active quartet, currently featuring tenor saxophonist Kelly Roberge, bassist Sean Farias and drummer Miki Matsuki, released its debut CD, Myth Understanding (CNM 011) in June 2008, and its follow-up,Level, in expected in early 2011.

-Creative Nation Music

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions.

Talween: by Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt and Fabio Pirozzolo (2018)


Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt and Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween. With it came a beautiful new website!

Recorded at Notable Productions this past year. It was a very organic session. The Oud and Accordion were recorded in the same room with older microphones and stereo room mics to get there vibe and image. After espresso the gentlemen sat down in front of on the right side an RCA77 in front -and C414eb in the back of the accordion. Facing him was Walid on Oud mic'ed with a KM84-Tabfunkenwerk47 and a stereo Royer for the room. No headphones and No overdubs except some percussion.

They were on fire.... lovely way to spend your Sunday morning.

Congrats Guys!

Walid Zairi - Oud and Composer

Ken Hiatt - Accordion

Fabio Pirozzolo - Percussion

Recorded and mixed at Notable Productions, Watertown Ma

Engineered and Mixed by Daniel Cantor

The Perceptionists (Mr. Lif & Akrobatik) - Resolution (CD) (2017)


Product: CD (Digipak)
Artist: Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists)
Album: Resolution
Physical Release Date: September 29, 2017

1. Early Mourning
2. Hose Down (feat. Syne)
3. Out of Control
4. Lemme Find Out
5. When Push Comes to Shove (feat. Dutch Rebelle)
6. Let's Battle
7. Free At Last (feat. Syne)
8. Dirty Drumz
9. Grab Hold
10. A Different Light
11. Resolution

Released on Mello Music Group, Resolution is one of those timeless records. The first full-length from Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) in a dozen years reflects the struggles and near-death sagas that struck Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. During that span, Lif miraculously survived his tour bus plummeting over a cliff and bursting into flames. Akrobatik weathered a sudden aortic rupture and emergency open-heart surgery. The impact of those experiences forced the former Def Jux duo to contemplate fate, luck, and their own place within a world spinning out of control.

But their ability to survive has allowed them to thrive. They’ve harnessed a radiant hard-won optimism that refuses to flinch from the evils of existence. From the album’s first track, “Early Mourning,” Akrobatik asserts that courage comes from within, but reflects on the millions of young black men sent to premature graves. He considers whether gang affiliation is inherent in their souls, or more likely, whether things would be different if these neighborhoods were well lit and effectively policed.

If turmoil and inequity currently wrack the globe at record levels, Lif’s verses seem more prophetic than ever. His verses offer searing indictments of corporate and political corruption: corporations oppressing local farms, governmental duplicity in dealing with big pharmaceutical companies, and the crooked brutality of cops who get away with shooting unarmed black men.

On “Hose Down,” the pair brilliantly intersperse news reports from the MLK-led Birmingham protests of 1963 with the internecine problems of the present—where a traffic stop can still lead to a funeral. It’s as poignant of a polemic as you’ll find, but blended with a danceable Caribbean lilt.

With the Perceptionists, the personal is political and vice-versa. Akrobatik rhymes about his “desire to breathe in the sun before my skin dries out” but still refuses to be “the coward in a pretend hide out.” On “Lemme Find Out,” they kick ingeniously sinister dystopian horror raps about our grotesque addiction to technology. There are love songs over beats that sound like they could’ve been on Madvillainy, stories of cypher demolitions of would-be challengers, and dirty ass rhymes over dirty ass drums—as The Perceptionists sagely insist, that’s all the world really wants.

It’s music from deep in the trenches, songs that confront the blitzkrieg of bad news but offer light at the end of the bombardment. If you listen closely, you can intuit a profound story of friendship and camaraderie between Lif and Akrobatik—lifelong friends trading bars with the chemistry of Tip and Phife, Andre and Big Boi, Erick and Parrish. They’re mortal men who made mistakes, gained experience, and obtained wisdom. This is Resolution.

Recorded & Mixed by Mr. Lif @ Terra Tone Audio  
Additional Tracks recorded and Pre -mixed by Daniel Cantor @Notable Productions
Mastered by Mark Donahue @ Soundmirror
Production by Chop, Mr. Lif, ZMY DaBeat, Paten Locke, pAS dOO, Synesthetic Nation, Theory Hazit, 8-BZA

Mark Simos

Songwriting Strategies: A 360 degree approach (2016)


Audio for the book

UGO  Featuring Chris Lee, Ray Duplessis and Josh Cohen

UGO (2016)


Dan Has been Producing UGO first EP and some singles. There music is extraordinary. Soulful, Intense and melodic. They just funded their Kick Starter campaign in March and will release this EP in summer of 2014. These songs have amazing Rap and Soulful melodies. We had the pleasure of working with a few amazing rhythm section players for these recordings including Prince's Drummer John Blackwell and Marcus Miller's Drummer Louis Cato. Their grooves were nasty, infectious and perfect for some of the cuts.
Producer and Engineering at Notable and Platinum sound.  Some Percussion tracks.

Lost Puppy

Wash Your Hands Before You Steal My Heart (2016)


Debut Album from Lost Puppy. Hailing from Philly and having received a undergrad degree from a prominent Boston music school, This humble singer songwriter embarked on a massive inward journey.  His music resonates with influences I was happy to help flesh out as diverse as: Elliott Smith, Queens of the Stone Age, Joy Formidable, Beach Boys, Sylvia Plath, Rilo Kiley and Daniel Johnston. (Dan's Thoughts)

Steve Cherkassky-
"I wanted the record to feel like a living, breathing entity that confides its deepest, darkest secrets to you as if there were no place else to go. Every nuance of the emotional spectrum would be felt, just as if you were staring into the eyes of your closest friend. That's why the order is the way it is. I love psychology. The tracks are ordered in parallel to the Kuhbler-Ross model of grief (D.A.B.D.A).  it's a way of relating a piece of art to the human experience."
Dan Cantor & Steve Cherkassky
Dan Cantor at Notable Productions:
Mastering Engineer
Jonathan Wyner:

1.Bandaids On (0:45)
(Written by Steve Cherkassky & Dan Cantor)
Steve Cherkassky: Acoustic Guitar Plinks
Dan Cantor: Zither

2.White Line (3:51)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Electric Guitar,Piano
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Mike Levesque: Drums
Bradley Allan Robertson: Cello
Lilliana Villines: Background Vocals

3.Lost in a Moment (3:02)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Mandolin,
Organ, Tamborine
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Mike Levesque: Drums

4.Satellite’s Way (4:19)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica

5.Fly to Brazil (1:55)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele,

6.Tearing Them Off  (0:19)
(Written by Steve Cherkassky & Dan Cantor)
Steve Cherkassky: Acoustic Guitar Plinks
Dan Cantor: Zither

7.Cement Shoes (2:59)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Electric Guitar,
Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Mike Levesque: Drums
D. Cantor, L. Villines, S. Cherkassky: Gang Vocals

8.Under A Lie (2:12)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Melodica, Synthesizer

9.Show And Tell (3:50)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Electric Guitar,
Acoustic Guitar, Tamborine
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Bradley Allan Robertson: Cello
Mike Levesque: Drums

10.Lucid High (2:47)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Electric Guitar
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Mike Levesque: Drums

11.Little Faith (5:29)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Alex Trevino: Electric Bass
Mike Levesque: Drums
Collin Pastore: Pedal Steel
Dan Cantor: Drums (Brushes)

12.Worn-Out Adornment...Symbol of Removable Love (1:56)
Steve Cherkassky: Piano

13.Leaving You (5:56)
Steve Cherkassky: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Melodica

Artwork and Graphic Design
Steve Cherkassky
Mark Keefer:
Contact Info
Lyrics on website

Notable Assistants
JM Baez
Heston Prasetyo
Nicole Newman
Elliott Marchent
Kenrick Tsang
Shane Blank
Jamie Rowe
Will Palmeri
Andrew Libenson
Steven Martinez
Cameron Lindesmith
Javaughn Taylor
Laura Reardon

Associate Producers
Anatoly and Susan Cherkassky

Mark Simos

Ship and Harbor (2013)

Song for Sally Taylor's Consenses Project


My good friend and fellow Berklee professor wrote this beautiful song for Sally Taylor's amazing Consenses Project. I love recording Mark's acoustic guitar parts. They're always musically nuanced and precise. This is a fine example of that. Listen how the doubling is perfect until he artfully highlights parts on the left and right side. On this track he also demonstrates his lovely voice.

Mark Simos is a renowned songwriter, composer and tunesmith, teacher and writer. Over four-plus decades, Mark’s songs and “tunes from imaginary countries” have stretched musical boundaries with innovative melodies and harmonies and intricately crafted lyrics, bringing a contemporary sensibility to “neo-traditionalist” forms. Over one hundred of Mark’s compositions have been recorded by artists, including Alison Krauss and Union Station, Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury, Laurie Lewis, and Australian rock icon Jimmy Barnes. Featured on many recordings as a fiddler and guitar accompanist, he has recorded an acclaimed song-cycle album, Crazy Faith, and four albums of original and traditional fiddle music.Mark is associate professor in the Songwriting Department at Berklee College of Music, where he has created innovative curriculum for songwriting, collaboration, guitar techniques, and tunewriting. Also an active performer and teacher at workshops, camps, festivals, and retreats, Mark has mentored hundreds of songwriters worldwide. He has just published Songwriting Strategies: A 360º Approach (Berklee Press/Hal Leonard 2014).

We recorded this at Notable Productions.

Vocal Mic used: Tab 47

The guitar was used with an MS pair as the 4051 as the midside and the KM86 on the bi-directional side.

Peggy Seeger

Studio Recording at Notable (2013)

Studio Recording at Notable with Producers Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer


Born in 1935, Peggy's family connections are well-known in folk and classical music circles. She is Pete Seeger's half-sister, Ruth Crawford's daughter; partner of Ewan MacColl, who wrote “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” for her and to whom she bore three children. Her best-known compositions are “Gonna Be an Engineer” and “The Ballad of Springhill” (the latter rapidly becoming regarded as a traditional song). The MacColl-Seeger work was prodigious in its scope. From 1959 onward, they encouraged and set standards for the burgeoning UK folk revival; they trolled the USA & UK field recordings and anthologies for little-known traditional songs; they trained other singers and involved them in political-musical documentary theatre; they instigated the revolutionary Radio Ballad form. Their work was halted by Ewan's death in 1989. Peggy has made 22 solo recordings and taken part in more than 100 more with other performers. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, she is considered to be one of North America's finest female folksingers.

Recorded by Dan Cantor

Outspoken (Zimbabwe)

'Behind These Walls' (single) (2013)


Out and Notable Productions are currently working on the single, 'Behind These Walls' for an upcoming release.

Moussa Traore

Mali Kan (2013)

Partially recorded in Mali


Released in December of 2013, Moussa Traore's much anticipated release includes recorded material from Mali and Bomako as well as many instruments captured here at Notable. The virtuosic drumming and singing keep this album full of energy from start to finish.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Dan Cantor/Notable Productions.

Various Artists

Super MC (single) (2012)



Omar Offendum

Lou Piensa


Jarabe Del Sol




DJ Boo

Endangered Speeches

Dem Borders Will Fall (2012)


Recording Engineer - Daniel Cantor
Keyboards recorded at Notable Productions

Eric Hofbauer and the Infrared Band

LEVEL (2011)


Back in 2008 this band—the only change here being bassist Sean Farias in for Michael Montgomery—produced one of the best albums of that year. In 2011, they've gone and done it again.

Like Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols and Andrew Hill, guitarist Eric Hofbauer's music benefits enormously from having the right musicians to bring it to fruition, and in this instance he's blessed. His quartet effortlessly avoids all the well-established tropes; on "La Ligne De Chance," it brings the lack of rhetoric in Hofbauer's music to light, too. Lacking grand gestures as it does, this is a piece which pulses with the extraordinary depth of empathetic interplay that clearly comes quite naturally to these players.

That quality is enhanced by their individuality. Hofbauer avoids the customary modern jazz guitar vocabulary, just like he's always done. His work on "Murder For A Jar Of Red Rum" is that of a man for whom mere technical display smacks of no more than empty gestures, while tenor saxophonist Kelly Roberge embodies the playful spirit which is never far from the heart of the music. This is confirmed by the eerie way in which the piece is resolved, which, while it mirrors the opening passage, still highlights a band with no agenda other than that of making highly distinctive music.

The band goes effortlessly about the task of laying out unaccustomed territory on the lengthy "Surely Some Revelation," the opening passage confounding expectations until repeated listening renders obvious the quartet's highly persuasive logic. This is true even when the music settles into a generic post-bop groove, especially as that breaks down for Hofbauer to turn in an oblique, ear-pricking solo over Miki Matsuki's drums, where the influence of Ed Blackwell is noticeable, albeit obliquely.

With any luck, it won't be another three years for this quartet's next release, although it's entirely up to the individuals concerned as to what happens next. They can, it seems, effortlessly raise the bar with every release, so it'll be worth waiting for no matter how long it takes.

Track Listing: These Two Things; La Ligne De Chance; Castor And Pollux; The Faction; Murder For A Jar Of Red Rum; Surely Some Revelation; Spy Vs. Spy; Ghosts And Giants; Pocket Chops.

Personnel: Kelly Roberge: tenor sax; Eric Hofbauer: guitar; Sean Farias: bass; Miki Matsuki: drums.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Robert Ried Gillies

Astronaut (2011)


Recorded and produced by Notable Productions.

Various Artists

THAWRA (2011)

Youth and Hip-Hop in the Urban World



Love You Mean It (2011)


Produced by Notable Productions.

Brandon Patton

How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire (2011)


Brandon Patton's newest album, "How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire," features 13 mostly comical songs that capture hilarity of his live shows opening for MC Frontalot. On the album, he exposes dark family secrets (Mixed-Up Modern Family,) sings anthems about sex acts (Munching the Coch and Kethcup and Mayo,) recalls his time temping and looking for love on an alien planet (My Girlfriend Was Kidnapped by Aliens,) contemplates the limits of friendship (Would You Take a Bullet For Me?) and relates stories about traveling the world and getting into mischief (Big in Japan, Private Jet, How I Allegedly Bit a Man in Gloucestershire.)

Recorded and produced by Notable Productions. Drums by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions.

Zero Plastica

Basta! (2011)

with DJ Nio


Zero Plastica is an underground Hip-Hop group from Genoa (Italy), formed by Nio (mc, dj and producer) and Lure (mc). They combine conscious and thought-provoking lyrics with rap, reggae dancehall beats and world music.

Mastered and Produced by Notable Productions.

Nomadic Massive (Canada)

Live at Tufts University 2011 (2011)


Recorded by Dan Cantor/Notable

The Vinyl Skyway

Return of the Dead Surfer (2011)


Piano overdubs recorded at Notable

Issa B.

4 tha Love of tha Art (2011)


Mastered by Dan Cantor

Music That Matters Teen Music Camp

Music That Matters 2011 (2011)


Recorded at Notable Productions

Various Artists

Democracy in Haiti (2011)


Mastered by Dan Cantor

Lamine Toure and Group Saloum (Senegal)

Cosaan (2010)


Legendary Senegalese drummer Lamine Toure and is band Group Saloum bring Senegalese Mbalax to the rest of the world with there first international release in colaboration with Notable and Nomadicwax records.

Some Comments from Radio stations around the world:

Açik Radyo - Istanbul / Turquie
"Very exciting and fresh melodies. I have been fortunate enough to be able to get this track thanks to Francophonie.. It's a gem."

Afrodicia - Los Angeles
"Good track by Senegalese sabar group. it works with our radio show to set up our interviews and event calendar."

Radio Universidad - Puerto rico
"The organic sound of instrumentation with the continuo bass creates a mystical enviroment for this powerful african song. it has it all, meditational, funky and danceable."

WEFT 90.1 FM - Champaign / Illinois
"Oooh, the Bostonians strike again! Once again, the group aroud Lamine Touré bring us a savory mix of reggae, funk, percussion and west African melodiousness... invigorating in its variety and at the same time soothing in its harmony."

Produced and mixed by Notable Productions.

Manisha Shahane  

When Parallel Lines Meet (2010)


Produced, mixed and recorded by Notable Productions. Select tracks arranged by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions. Drums and synth played by Dan Cantor.


Mariami (2010)


First major release by talented artist Mariami. On this soon to be release CD, Notable was very happy to collaborate with ex-notable intern, flutist and fellow Berklee graduate Daniel Riera. His tracks were lovely to work on. Also providing production tracks was Daniel's awesome trumpet playing buddy Max Miller-Loran. All the songs that Mariami wrote and the boys produced were unique in vision, style and sound. The songs were a blast to mix and tracking Mariami vocals was easy too. She's an artist who knows what she wants. Cousin Benny did the sexy cover art.

Mixing and Tracking vocals.

Various Artists

Democracy In Burundi MixTape (2010)


Named one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people, Alexis Sinduhije has turned away from his career in journalism and begun the long journey down the electoral road as a candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections in Burundi. His career and life have been defined by his commitment to fairness and equality and conflict resolution, all within the realm of ethnic conflict and vast political instability in the Rwanda/Burundi region of Africa. His political campaign is focused around Burundian youth their futures. Alexis' Political Party, 'the Movement for Solidarity and Democracy' (MSD), has teamed up with International Hip Hop Label Nomadic Wax to release a hip hop music compilation focused on youth and equality in Burundi. The compilation features hip hop artists from Senegal, to Morocco, to Angola, to the United States, and more. It is an example of how youth can organize through music and bring about change in their own respective communities.

Mastering and co-Creation of some of the beats

Various Artists

Diaspora Global Mixtape movement (2010)


International record label Nomadic Wax set to release Volume 1 of Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement

Nomadic Wax crests new heights with the highly anticipated release of their international mixtape project Diaspora.

Created as en effort to expose the world to global hip-hop and urban culture and facilitate cross cultural exchanges amongst international artists, the Diaspora project features a diverse vein of some of the world’s most talented MC’s, vocalists, DJ’s and producers. The mixtape will showcase urban music from around the globe, but with a twist. Each volume of the series will highlight a different producer from around the world, and a host emcees who donate 16 bars to the project.

Diaspora uses portable digital technology and the internet as its production tools; each artist in the project records and sends their track which is then assembled and mixed by the Nomadic Wax team.

“As a record label we’ve taken a completely radical approach with this project. While other record labels are trying to find more ways to control their music and artists, we’re doing the opposite,” said Nomadic Wax Creative Director Magee McIlvaine. “Every artist that contributes a track to the collaboration will retain the same rights as Nomadic Wax to distribute, sell, and disseminate the music. In this way Diaspora is a truly collaborative mixtape and a celebration of fair-trade ideals.”

Mixed by Philippino American DJ Boo of the Juggaknots, and produced by Benny Beats of the U.S., Volume 1 features upcoming talent from Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America, each spitting a conscious 16 bars that showcase where they are from and what they represent.

“Its easy to think of how different we are to others in the world,” said DJ Boo. “One thing that I’ve learned is that, language aside, many of our stories are more similar than different. Nomadic Wax’s Diaspora mixtape uses one of the most accessible mediums to capture that – music. Hip-hop music.”

About Nomadic Wax – Nomadic Wax is a fair-trade international record label and production company dedicated to producing and promoting global urban music and media.

About the Artists –

Rahzemos (Lebanon/Canada) - Dismantling, conscious rap backed by dense beats and funky rifts, perfect for a party.

Baay Bia (Senegal) – Hip-hop and afro-beat combine to form a sensual, down-to-earth celebration of the griot experience.

Hired Gun (NYC) - Sharp beats and a maze of tangible urban lyrics create a conscious and fresh sound.

Stoney Ashes (Washington, DC) - Experimental, creative hip-hop with compositional integrity and clearly articulated, breathy energy.

S.K.R. crew (Zimbabwe) – Big beats, hydrolic cars, and gutsy rap with theatrical elements and a commercial orientation.

Kid Bambili (Tanzania) –

Nasgalsen (Senegal) – Fun, experimental hip-hop with rolling energy and a danceable attitude.

Bennchoumy (Haiti) – Hard multilingual rap backed by unique beats and the expressiveness of soul.

Joh-well (France) – Steadily streaming, passionate, multilingual hip-hop with sweet beats.

Yanigga (France/Cameroon) – Truly lyrical rap backed by an ensemble of instruments and organic contexts.

Stoopid (NYC) –

Faso kombat (Burkina Faso) – Gritty reggae-hop meets New York beats and a vocally rooted, ancient African soul.

Alfaress (Morocco) – Hardcore Arabic rap with turntable beats and a soft inflection of funk.

Danny Silver (UK/Israel) –

Pete Shungu (Boston/Congo) – A multimedia, next-step journey through remixed jazz and funk, a poet’s experimental, transcendental hip-hop.

Fame Nicklez (Zimbabwe/Canada) –

Dees Chan (France) – Forward-moving rap, techno savvy beats; heavy, serious, and implicitly cool.

Eli Efi (Brazil) – A core of Latin American soul, surrounded by smooth flows and hip-grinding beats.

Okai (Haiti/NYC) – Undeniable soul speaks to an organic and conscious hip-hop.

Mastering and Co- creation of the Beats
"With American Fear!, creative guitarist Eric Hofbauer once again exposes his funny bone, effectively demonstrating that jazz and humor are not mutually exclusive. Like American Vanity (Creative Nation, 2002), this is a solo guitar effort mixing unusual covers with quirky originals, all delivered with the Boston-based artist's extroverted minimalism.... For all its variety, drawing on recognizable elements of jazz and other musical traditions, Hofbauer's voice emerges here unique and distinct, blending the comedic with the tragic—and having some serious fun."

-Tom Greenland at

Recorded by: Eric Hofbauer, under the direction of Dan Cantor for Notable Productions

Mixed and Mastered by Dan Cantor for Notable Productions

Little Martha

TheaterWorks (2010)


The Jackson Jills

BOCA 2010: Best of College A Cappella 2010 (2010)

Selected Track


Featured on this album is a recording by The Tufts Jackson Jills: Come Around. The Notable Productions team is very proud of this distingushed group of women.

Notable Production did most of the production and recording for the Jackson Jills 2010 release. Daniel Cantor was engineer and Mix engineer. Additional tracking and mixing by Ed Boyer. Assistant Engineering by  Livia Lin and Phil Dong and  Laura McLaughlin

Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax Transnational Mixtape Series (2010)


Waterflow (Senegal)

Live at Mass MOCA 2010 (2010)


Waterflow (of Wageble) tore it up outside at Mass MOCA with DJ Boo, Gohk-Bi System and Lamine Toure.

Recording Engineer

George Ruckert



A protege of Ali Akbar Kahn, world-reknowned sarod player George Ruckert recorded alongside a tabla and sitar in the big room downstairs. The trio performed traditional Hindi pieces for use at MIT.

Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

Moustapha Faye

Galan u Sabar ci Ngéwël (2009)


Galan u Sabar ci Ngéwël is Moustapha Faye’s first recording under his name. It was released in November 2009 during his residency as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Suffolk University in Boston, MA and is a true representation of his skills.

His knowledge of the géwël tradition and his abilities as a musician is evident on this CD. All of the pieces are traditional but the arrangements are all Tapha’s. The musicality and distinctiveness of each rhythm is clear yet their connectedness to a larger whole is always in evidence. Beginning with Tagumbar, “the first rhythm to be played,” the eight selections on the CD also serve as a document of the géwël tradition. The significance of each rhythm and arrangement is wonderfully explained by Moustapha in the liner notes.

Moustapha pulled together an amazingly talented group of musicians to play on this CD. Some of the musicians were from his generation, but many of them were his nephews, members of Sing Sing Juniors, who Moustapha trained as they were growing up. The familiarity of the musicians with one another (they are all family) enabled them to play the arrangements flawlessly, with a powerful elegance and musicality. The results, captured on this CD, are amazing.

The CD is presently available at (, in CD or digital form. Also available from the Géwël Tradition Project ($15.00), which can be reached by leaving a message at this blog site or at

These are as few photos from the recording session in Dakar.

Dan Cantor - Mastering and Production
Moustapaha Faye - Musical Director
Moussa Diagne - Engineering and Mixing
Steve Hoey - CD and Online Design
Robert Sipho Faye Bellinger - Producer & Photographer
Géej Faye - Production Assistant

Mohammed Yahya  

So Journ (Single) (2009)


Mohammed Yahya is a Mozambican-born Rapper who was forced to leave his country during civil war. Surrounded by poverty, Mohammed yahya used music and poetry to channel his thoughts, energy and emotion in a positive way. Early influences were from African music such as Kizomba, Funana and Marabenta.

Mohammed Yahya has received a great deal of publicity due to his positive artistic activism and has been featured in BBC, Channel 5 news, Islam Channel, Peace TV, Channel U just to name a few TV stations as well as respected publications such as : New Nation newspaper, Hip Hop Connection, Platform Magazine, and Emel. His music has been played across the world and he has been invited to perform in England, Scotland, Morocco, Mozambique, Norway and Sweden. He impressively delivers soulful street poetry with hair raising honesty in both Portuguese and English allowing him to reach a wide audience across the world.

Mohammed was at Notable in April 2009 for a new collaboration on a multi-artist collaboration.

Production and composition by Notable Productions. Live recordings by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions.

Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka (Zimbabwe)

House of Hunger (2009)


1. Bread and Roses feat. Chiwoniso
2. Mahara feat. Godobori
3. House of Hunger feat. Chiwoniso
4. Identity feat. Godobori
5. Like A Riot Needs A Petrol Bomb
6. MaStreets feat. Outspoken
7. City City
8. No Baas
9. The Word Feat. Outspoken
10. Kudanana
11. Wonderful Africa
12. Worms For Sale Intro
13. Worms For Sale

Album duplication by Notable Productions. Live recording during American tour recorded by Notable Productions.

Mastered by Notable Productions.

Production/ Composition of Posse Track "So Journ" also featuring Outspoken, Poetic Pilgrimage, and Muhamed

Poetic Pilgrimage

Inchallah (single) (2009)


Poetic Pilgrimage (Muneera Rashida and Sukina Abdul Noor) make progressive Hip Hop music that fuses African and Caribbean roots, with the musical and spirtual traditions of their faith. The draw from their musical tastes such as world music, jazz, afrobeat, soul and more, providing a refreshing backdrop to their simple message of peace, unity and freedom. They are a rare act - one of the few Muslim female outfits around that are not afraid to express themselves through the art of rhyme. The cover personal, socio-political, uplifting and insightful themes. They were both born in Bristol to Jamaican parents and have been performing together as Poetic Pilgrimage for 6 years.

Singles produced by Notable Productions. The artists collaborated with Dan on these select tracks.

Poetic Pilgrimage was recorded live at the Trinity Hip-Hop Festival (2009) and The Tufts Hip-Hop for Social Change Concert - an event created by African Underground and Nomadic Wax Records.

Joh Camara

My Dream (2009)


Bass- Wesley Wirth (King Sunny ADC of THE SUPERPOWERS, formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Guitar- Raja Kassis of Group Saloum and Waaw Band
Guitar- Ryan Dugre of THE SUPERPOWERS (formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Drum- Adam Clark of THE SUPERPOWERS (formally Boston Afrobeat Society)
Guitar-Voice-Percussion- Joh

Origin: Bamako, Mali

Bio: Sidi Mohamed Camara, popularly known as "Joh," was born in Bamako, Mali in West Africa.
He continues to teach traditional Mande culture, language, music, and dance as well as those of neighboring Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. In addition to holding weekly classes in Boston and touring the United States, Canada, and France, he currently teaches at various community centers and instructs a semester dance and drumming class at Boston University and Harvard University. Through his willingness to share at national conferences, community workshops, and academic engagements, Sidi continues to enhance cross-cultural exchanges and to make a positive imprint on the fabric of cultural arts and education in America.

Produced and recorded by Notable Productions. Percussion and keyboard played by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions.

Brandon Patton  

Underhill Downs (2009)


"Underhill Downs" is Brandon's sophomore record and 3rd album in collaboration with Notable. After a stint as the bass player in Dan's band Hummer, I started collaborating with Brandon on a number of projects. Brandon's writing is one part John Vanderslice, one part Peter Gabriel, and part Magnetic Fields.

Origin: Minniapolios, MN, United States

Select tracks produced and mixed by Notable Productions.

Moussa Sall

Baay Musa (2009)


This extraordinarily gifted singer/rapper has been working with Notable on a number of songs including: "Illegal Alien", "Ghetto", and "African Boy".

Origin: Senegal

Hailing from Dakar, Senegal, Moussa Sall, better known as Baay Musa, is an incredibly versatile hip hop artist and singer, or 'chanteur' as they are known in French. The musical traditions of Senegalese culture had a heavy influence on him growing up. He is working right now on his first solo album which will share the struggle and the pain of his journey from Africa to the US. In his own words, "Music is the only way and Ja Allah will guide as we follow. Peace and Love, Jaam ak salam in the lives we lead. Wa Salam.""

Single track produced and co-written by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions. Drums and keyboard played by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions.

The Jackson Jills

Full Swing (2009)


"Full Swing" is the third Jackson Jills record we have had the pleasure to work on. We also appreciate the additional work Ed Boyer put in to mix and finalize the record.

Nominated for a CARA for best female collegiate album of the year
Selected for BOCA 2010: Best Of College A Cappella
Only One" selected for Voices Only 2009 CD 6/17/09

"It gives me great pleasure to report that your mother's Jackson Jills are nowhere to be found on Full Swing." -- Elie Landau

"The energy and excitement crackles and sparkles on track after track. The Jills are definitely in full swing, singing with gusto and bravado that infuses the heart with as much joy as it does the ears." - Thomas King

"What sets the Jills apart from the crowd is their rock emphasis, which makes itself felt through several aspects of the performances." -- John Colton

Notable Credits:

Recorded and edited by Notable Productions. Vocal percussion was arranged by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions.
Additional Overdubs, More Vocal Percussion Arrangements and Mixing by Ed Boyer

Hickory Strings

Patches (2009)


Patches is a trio album. The record features 11 new Hickory Strings compositions with Geoff Brown on mandolin and guitar, Mark Whitaker on banjo, and bassist Gian Pangaro. The album was recorded live with no overdubs and very few edits, resulting in an exciting new sound for the group.

Mixed by Notable Productions.


Nonpareil (2009)


Marblehead's All-girl A cappella powerhouse.


3 CARAs for Luminescence!
Luminescence took first place in the following CARA categories:

Best High School Album: nonpareil
Best High School Song: Miss Independent
Best High School Soloist: Suzie Wyman, Miss Independent

Luminescence will appear on BOHSA!
Our track "Breathe" has been selected for the 2009 Best of High School A Cappella compilation.

Praise for Notable:

"We were thrilled to record our CD "nonpareil" with Daniel Cantor of Notable Productions. Notable is located in Watertown, MA (just outside of Boston) and on the web at You can also find Dan on MySpace - he's our No. 2 friend. Our good friends the Jewel Tones recorded their album at Notable in 2007, so we are very pleased to work with Dan and have enjoyed the benefits of Dan's studio wizardry. This CD will feature a broad range of styles, from tight barbershop harmonies to brooding alternative ballads to vocal perc-driven pop. Dan knows how to highlight the unique character of each song, using his impressive bag of Pro Tools tricks, without obscuring our signature Lumi sound. We think you will hear our love and enthusiasm in every track." -A. Reoder

Produced and engineered by Notable Productions.

Pa Seck Diery

Pa Seck Diery (single) (2009)


Amazing young Sabar player from Senegal, Pa came to my attention while playing with Sabar Master Lamine Toure and his Group Saloum. Pa was the young lion in the sabar ensemble and his smile and dancing are infectious. He makes it look easy. I knew when he said off-handedly that he wanted to make a record with me, he meant business. He had that look in his eye of a cat with something to prove and his first recordings are a testament to his passion. I got to collaborate with Michael Lewis (drummer from Group Saloum) while engineering these recordings.

Recorded and produced by Notable Productions.

Lance Martin

Physical Jazz (2009)


This old school buddy o' mine has the heart of teddy bear and the soul of 70's record. He's a lovely man and an amazing artist who loves my dogs more than anyone. We recorded this record at Ryles the day my baby Lena was born in addition to a handful of subsequent dates at Notable Productions. Thanks go to Matt Malikoski and his remote team that subbed for me at Ryles while we were eating bagels and pushing out babies at Mt. Auburn Hospital.


Produced and recorded by Notable Productions. Percussion played by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions.

Akili Jamal Haynes

The Dream Master (single) (2009)


Awesome multi-instrumentalist and composer/storyteller recorded at Notable Productions. The recording was played on Kevin Ball's WGBH Jazz on the night it was mixed.

Recorded and produced by Notable Productions.

Sen Kumpe (Senegal)

Freedom (2009)


One of Dakar's freshest Hip-Hop exports. Awesome duo.

Mixed, edited and produced by Notable Productions.

Various Artists

Nunde Ke No Na Bai (2009)


Rap Reacts to political assassinations, Guinea Bissau 2009 -

On June 5th, 2AM:
Presidential candidate Baciro Dabó and Member of Parliament, Helder Proenca were assassinated. These political murders came only three months after the March assassination of President João Bernardo "Nino" Vieira, and his rival, armed forces chief of staff Gen. Batista Tagmé Na Waie.

June 5th, 11PM:
Cobiana Records publicized a press release regarding the present state of Bissau and within hours, Nomadic Wax proposed that “BIG UP GB” – Guinea Bissau’s newly formed hip-hop movement, react!

June 6th – the day after:
The streets were stale. Though there was no present danger, most Bissau-Guinean’s stayed in-doors safe in their shells of demoralization. Hip Hop however, stepped-up. Seven Bissau-emcees, all affiliated with “BIG UP GB” came together in the only functioning recording studio in Bissau, to record a three-track compilation or mix-tape.

This mix-tape entitled, “Nunde Ka No Na Bai” (Where Are We Going?) depicts the raw expressions of these young rappers in response to the lawlessness and political violence that have troubled Guinea Bissau since its independence from Portugal in 1974.

Supported and produced by Cobiana Records and Nomadic Wax the mix-tape epitomizes the potential of Hip Hop to instigate social change.

Guinea Bissau is most commonly depicted as a “Narco-state” in the media and is highly unstable, both politically and economically. Presently, the nation is entering a second round of presidential elections.
released 07 July 2009

Beats by Ben Herson, Dan Cantor and Dan Jeselsohn
   Mastering by Dan Cantor

The Jackson Jills

Voices Only 2009 College a Cappella (2009)


"Only One" on Voices Only

The Jills are featured on disc one (track 17) of Voices Only 2009. "Only One" is track 9 on our newest CD, "Full Swing"

Recorded at Notable Productions by Daniel Cantor
Assisted by Phil Dong and Matt Dipiero
Additional Overdubs and Mixing by Ed Boyer
End Construction

End Construction

Live - End Construction 20th Reunion Concert (2009)


"This project is a must hear for anyone looking for the roots of the depth of the Folk/ Songwriting scene in Boston."

Ellis Paul, Jim Infantino, Jon Svetky and Brian Doser.

Recording Engineer

Oneal Armstrong

Live - Oneal Armstrong at the Middle East (2009)


Oneal Armstrong has been entertaining audiences for years with their instrumental mix of funked up jazz, rock, psychedelic, drum and bass, and African influences. Mixing many original pieces with familiar but re-worked covers, Oneal Armstrong keeps audiences attention from beginning to end, leaving them cheering for more.

Omzo (Senegal)

Afrolution: Volume One (2008)

Li Guen Pt. 2 (single)


Compilation features a track by OMZO

Track Li Guen Pt. 2 (single) produced by Dan Cantor and Ben Herson. Tracking, mixing, recording and vocal editing by Notable Productions. Charrenga, bass and keys by Dan Cantor.

The Jewel Tones

Best of High School A Cappella (2008)


The Jewel Tones are Marblehead's original coed a cappella group. Since 2003 we have performed with high school, collegiate, and professional groups from all over the country.

"A cut above what you're gonna get from most high school groups ... this is what I want to hear when I pick up an album." - Chad Bergeron, The Acapodcast

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) Marblehead Highschool "Jewel Tones" was recorded and mixed by Daniel Cantor, Notable Productions. Watertown, MA
The compilation produced by Amanda Grish & Deke Sharon
Mastered by Freddie Feldman at Vocomotion Studios, IL
Graphic Design by Kate Serling
Special Thanks to Don & Kate Gooding

Aaron Shadwell

Shadwell (2008)


Talented singer songwriter Aaron Shadwell has been working to define his sound. Shadwell, formerly known and Engine, rocks hard. His voice flows like 50 year-old whisky over your gums. Watch out for his next release.


Recorded by Notable Productions.

Ministerio Asas de Aguia

Quero Fazer Valer (2008)


jesus e nosso rei
sombra de pedro
rumo ao altar
van espirito de deus
sublime silencio
capela do santissimo
meu chamado
quero fazer valer
soberano deus
algo diferente

Executive Producer: Ministerio Asas de Aguia
Producer: Bob Kirby
Executive Director: Rafael Taboas
General Director: Bob Kirby
Video Director: Stephen Bonnarigo, Bono Productions
Associate Director: Sergio Marques
Photography Director: David Pryke, Mach 5 Productions

Ikan Sounds
Mixed by Dan Cantor and Bob Kirby Notable Productions

Igor Lepak
Mike Loin
John Niven
Heather Kirby
Bob Kirby
Chad Cunningham
Rafael Taboas

Rafael Taboas
Mary Cruz
Marli Cruz Martins
Jeane Souza
Choir of 30 voices

Jim's Big Ego

Support The Truth (2008)


Jim's Big Ego, the people who brought you the song, "Asshole" - background to the web famous viral video by, now bring you their very first purely electronic pressing (ep) of 5 outrageous songs of outrage. A protest album in an age sadly lacking in protest albums.


The Jazz Marauders

Space for Rent (2008)


Latin Jazz Quartet

Recorded and mixed by Notable Productions (partial).

Better Life

Sleep Soundly (2008)


Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Notable Productions.

Geoff Brown

Portrait (2008)


Recorded, produced and mixed by Notable Productions.

Naquele Tempo

Naquele Tempo (2008)


Rafael Flores - Nylon and electric guitars, tres and percussion
Dominique Gagne - Flute
Jeremy Hill - Bass
Bonnie Anderson - Pandeiro, caxixs, clave, shekere, agogo and egg shakers

Recorded & mixed by David Diamond at Diamond in the Rough Studios, December 2006, South Burlington, VT
Mastered by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions (Boston, MA)

Produced by Dominique Gagne and Rafael Flores

Dominique plays a Jonathan Landell flute on this recording

Chelsey Reardon

A Cappella for the World (2008)


Though she already has her diploma in hand, Chelsey Reardon's Marblehead High School Senior Project continues, not that she minds. After all, there is a lot more at stake from her efforts than a few class credits. The first part of her project, creating a CD of top-notch a cappella music, is complete. But now her challenge is to sell 300 copies of that CD, entitled "A Cappella for the World," at $15 each to raise $4,500, which will provide 64 Honduran families with clean drinking water.

Mixed by Notable Productions

Brandon Patton

Jukebox Stories The Official Bootleg (2008)


Mastering by Notable Productions

Wellesley Widows

Unwed (2008)


The Widows have been nominated for a 2008 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award! Both our album, "Unwed", and a song on it, "Who Makes You Feel" (Original artist: Dido) are nominated!

Results come out April 1st. Check us out on the CASA website and see the other nominees!!!

Thanks to our fans for all of your support!

It's here! After many hours of arranging, planning, recording, designing, and hoping, "Unwed" is finallyout and taking the a cappella world by storm. The Widows sound better than ever! Thanks to Erin Brown '07 for designing the CD cover and booklet, to Dan Cantor at Notable Productions for his production support, and for John Clark and Ed Boyer at Jamaica Plain Productions for taking the time to produce our album! Our fall concert on December 8th coincides with our CD release party.

After this date, you can purchase a CD by sending $15 in cash or checks to Katie Colaneri, our treasurer at: Katie Colaneri, 21 Wellesley College Rd. Unit 1235, Wellesley, MA 02481.

Production Consultant and Duplication

Jim's Big Ego

Free* (2008)


The moment arrived! Jim's Big Ego is proud to announce the release of free* - the fifth full-length studio effort by "the greatest band in the history of recorded music." Highlights of the new release:

* 13 tracks of over-the-top Ego-goodness featuring Jim, Jesse and Dan, many which have never before been played live.
* Co-produced by long-time JBE recording engineer, Ducky Carlisle
* Guest appearances by a host of amazing musicians such as Catie Curtis, Mike West, Jennifer Kimball and Dave Crossland

You can now download a free* high quality MP3 of "International" -
the first track on the album. Features harmony vocals by Catie Curtis and
piano and organ by Fenway Park organist, Josh Kantor.

You may also download the entire album for free*.
We've set up a tiered payment system for downloads - the more you pay,
the more you get. Suggested price is $9.99.

The Big Ego Featuring as always Jim, Jesse and Dan. This album also has guest appearances by Catie Curtis, Mike West, Jennifer Kimball and Dave Crossland. The record (yes, there is a vinyl version) features the awesome work of audio engineer Ducky Carlisle and great mastering by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works. Dan recorded and edited some of the basics, various vocal tracks and most of the grand piano, wurlizter and organ overdubs at Notable Productions with Josh Kantor (Boston Red Sox organist). Dan also contributed drumming, percussion, electronic drums and singing.

Engineered and Co-Produced by Dan Cantor. Drumming and backup vocals by Dan Cantor.

Brandon Patton

Jukebox Stories: The Official Bootleg (2008)


What is Jukebox Stories? Jukebox Stories is a two-man show featuring stories written by Prince Gomolvilas and songs by Brandon Patton. During performances, the stories and songs were arranged as a bingo, and increasingly crappy prizes were given away as the night progressed and the audience became more drunken. It’s like Spalding Gray meets Flight of the Conchords. David Sedaris meets Tenacious D.

Mastered by Notable Productions.

African Underground

Vol.2: The Depths of Dakar (2007)


Depths of Dakar is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed and highly successful transatlantic hip-hop experiment, "African Underground, Volume 1, Hip-Hop Senegal."


"You must take a look at this highly motivated, politically concious project."


Produced by Ben Herson and Dan Cantor. All songs recorded at Nomadic Wax Studios and Notable Productions. Mixed at Notable Productions.
Dan Jeselshon- Bass
Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace- Drums
Eric Biondo- Trumpet
Jeremiah Lockwood- Electric Guitar/Dorbo
Ben Jaffe- Sax
David Wake- Keyboard
Ben Rogerson- Guitar
Lenny Bradford- Bass
Lisa Goolsby- Vocals
DJ Boo- Turntables
Raja Kassis- Guitar

MC Frontalot

Secrets from the Future (2007)


Sing Sing Juniors  

Sing Sing Juniors (2007)

Sabar Drum Ensemble



1. Ya Nu Moom
2. Bakk Yini Burrit
3. Ngewel Gil
4. Thie Qui Ne Quine
5. Ceebu Jen
6. Baar Mbaye Ngewel
7. Sing Sing Faye
8. Ndougou Group Bii
9. Teubel/Ardin
10. Baar Mbaye
11. Kaolack


Recorded and Mixed at Studio Ndongo Lo
Recording Engineer- Ouzin Ndoye
Musicial Director- Moustapha "Tapha" Faye
Manager- Isma Aw
Mixing and Production- Dan Cantor, Notable Productions
Layout Designer and Web Guy- Steve hoey
International Manager and Producer- Robert Sipho "Faye" Bellinger

Sing Sing Juniors:

Malick Ngom
Alladji Faye
Amdy Diom
Azou Bombe Mbaye
Ouzin Diop
Abdou Salam Faye
Mady Diop
Birra Faye
Serigne Mor Ndiaye
Ma Aliou Ndiaye
Magor Mbaye
Malick Faye

Additional Musicians:

Moustapha "Tapha" Faye
Djibi Diop Faye
Aziz Faye
Ablaye Ba
Modu Pueye
Isma Aw

The Jewel Tones

Tied Together (2007)


The Jewel Tones recorded and released their multiple CARA nominated CD "Tied Together" with the help of Notable in 2007. Since then the Jewel Tones have continued their visits to the studio to work on their third production. Marblehead's original coed a cappella group is one in a family of a cappella ensembles making up Marblehead High school's chorus and voice program. Led and directed by Ms. Amanda Roeder, the Jewel Tones have performed with high school, collegiate, and professional groups from all over the country since 2003.

"A cut above what you're gonna get from most high school groups ... this is what I want to hear when I pick up an album." - Chad Bergeron, The Acapodcast

Produced and mastered by Notable Productions.

The Fat City Band

Good Time Guaranteed (2007)


Engineered and produced by Notable Productions.

The Jackson Jills

Don't Try This in Heels (2007)



  1. I Woke Up in A Car – Something Corporate
  2. Let Go – Frou Frou
  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
  4. One Way or Another – Blondie
  5. I’d Do Anything – Simple Plan
  6. They – Jem
  7. Waiting for You – Seal
  8. I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin Degraw
  9. All For You – Sister Hazel
  10. Love Will Come to You – Indigo Girls
Recorded and mixed by Notable Productions.

Terry Kitchen

Heaven Here On Earth (2006)


Terry Kitchen has finished his 8th CD "Heaven Here on Earth" with Dan co-producing. The album features some unusual arrangements including a stereo Zither intro and a String Quartet.


11 and a half songs about love, war and waitresses. Co-produced by Kitchen and Daniel Cantor (drummer for Jim's Big Ego), heaven here on earth is the most adventurous and energized of Kitchen's eight solo CDs. While still highlighting his literate, detail-rich songwriting, intimate vocals and deft guitar playing, the album features a full band on most tracks and a spirit that harkens back to Kitchen’s rock'n'roll past. With sounds ranging from accordion ("The Seven Eleven Overture") to autoharp (the title tune) to a string quartet ("Nothing Works Better") and players including Alizon Lissance, Jesse Flack, Annie Raines, Brice Buchanan (from Kitchen's '80s band Loose Ties) and Cantor, heaven here on earth is Kitchen's most fully realized recording to date. The beautiful cover print, "papilliones japonaise," is by Provincetown artist Christian Kozaki.

Co-produced, mixed and recorded by Notable Productions. Drums played by Dan Cantor.

Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace

The Essential Reggae Sample CD Collection (2006)


Burning Spear's drummer and star of the movie Rockers created a new Groove CD in collaboration with Notable Productions. Collaborator Benny Herson of is on the right.

Produced and recorded by Notable Productions.

Matt Steckler

Persiflage (2006)


Composer: Matt Steckler


Curtis Fowlkes
Lonnie Plaxico
Matt Steckler
Michael Cain
Pheeroan Aklaff

Co-produced and mixed by Notable Productions.

My Little Radio

My Little Radio (2006)


Notable helped Producer Adam Rouke capture the hard rock sound of My Little Radio. These twenty-somethings have channeled their energy, heart and emotion, and emerged onto the East Coast music scene with a blend of melodic rock infused with snap beats and metal undertones. Their debut record will kick some doors in.

Assistant Engineering by Notable Productions.

Various Artists

Nomadic Mix Tape Volume 1 (2006)


The Nomadic Mix Tape series is an ongoing multi volume collection featuring the illest MCs from around the globe.

This quintessential release features 14 cuts from artists performing at the International Hip-Hop Festival at Trinity College April 21 - 23, 2006.


Demetrius Spaneas

From a Far-Off World (2006)


Omzo (Senegal)

Kunu Abal A Beut (2005)


Highly respected African hip-hop artist and socially conscious urban poet. This single was done late in 2005 for a international compilation due out soon.

Bass, Charenga, Co-production, Mixing


The Rising Sun (2005)


African Reggae artist Ousman releases new album. Infectious pop reggae with a totally unique voice. Upbeat and highly danceable reggae, hip-hop and R&B from East Africa - Kenya.

Mastering by Notable Productions.

Jon Nolan

When the Summers Lasted Long (2005)


Notable did some overdubs on Jon's Nolans latest record. Great guy and totally cool Americana vibe.

Percussion and partial engineering provided by Dan Cantor and Notable Productions.

Alan J. Goldberg

Waiting (2005)


Long-awaited album from one of my oldest friends. This man's love of acoustic guitar and old-fashioned song writing is only dwarfed by the size of his heart and sincerity with which he writes his songs.

-Dan Cantor

Recording engineering and production assistance by Notable Productions. Keyboard solo on All Your Tears are Gone played by Dan Cantor.

Akili Jamal Haynes

Seaport Campus Radio A Day in the Life of a Musician (2005)


This radio session recorded at the Seaport Campus was part of the Intensive Music Institute project and featured three Seaport Campus students. Produced and faciliated by musician Akili Jamal Haynes, this recording explores the current day challenges that musicians everywhere face.

Seaport Campus Students - Kevin, Mike & Jones
Akili Jamal Haynes
Michael Lewis
Patricia Tang

Notable Credits:
Featured guest

Robert Jonas

Many Paths, One Joy (2005)


Many Paths, One Joy is a contemplative journey that celebrates the diversity of the world's religions and also the awe and wonder that human beings can feel when we make contact with the Divine. I hope that listeners will glimpse in each piece the beauty that is only revealed when we are mindful and have an open hear.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Notable Productions.

Peter Parcek

Evolution (2005)


Peter Parcek is one of Boston best Blues guitarists.

Notable helped with some overdubs for this album. Andy Edelstein was at the helm for the tracking.

Anandi Gefroh

Melody of Question (2005)


Early album by the talented singer and songwriter Anandi Gefroh. Don Anderson plays a mean muted trumpet track on this CD. Stephen Mayone and Anandi - with the help of Notable - gracefully pulled the ingredients of this CD together. Stephen birthed many of these songs and helped give them life with his able guitar playing.

Production and mixing by Notable Productions. Select arrangements and drum tracks provided by Dan Cantor.

Atlas Soul (France)

Chamsa (2005)


Atlas Soul first major release and winner of the Independent Music Award for best world music CD of the year.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Notable Productions. Percussion performed by Dan Cantor.

Farid El Kinitri and Brahim Fribgane

La Mima (2005)


Awesome trio recording featuring Moroccan film star and singer Farid El Kenitri and Brahim Fribgane (Club D'elf) and Hamid. It's like Casablanca in your living room. The guys play without limits and without a need to correct problems. It just flows from them like water. The first take of one song was so long we couldn't put it on the record unless it were the only song on the album.

-Dan Cantor

Produced and engineered by Notable Productions.

Sam Bozeman, Don Anderson, Mike Turk, Dan Cantor, Mark Weltner

QRS Music Rolls (2005)


When you order one of the QRS Pianomation grand pianos, You can buy this CD which both plays the piano and accompanies itself with the audio tracks we recorded. The performance is encoded on the CDROM and plays in sync with audio tracks. We wrote a number of the tracks on the CD.

Composition, Engineering, Drumming

Jess Klein

Bombs Are Falling (Shonalee) (2005)


Talented singer songwriter Jesse Klein came to Notable's studio to mix some new song demos with producer Ken Schopf.

Mixed and mastered by Notable Productions.

Boston Academy for the Arts Gospel and Jazz Ensembles 2005

Come Dream With Us (2005)


Colin Sapp - music teacher at The Boston Arts Academy - brought us the tracks from one of Boston's best art schools for final editing and mixing. Colin is also a talented jazz and studio guitarist and mastering engineer (Specialized mastering).

Mixed and edited by Notable Productions.

Feast or Famine, Sundog, Steve Mayone, Dan Cantor, Richard Ruane, Michael Chourney, Ron Rost and More

Feast or Famine Sessions,  Why Not Now (2005)


Record in a half open barn looking over a vermont farm. In a haze of whirling skirts and smoke, a handfull of multiinstrumentalist played for a few days straight in the summer nights of the Vermont countryside. My friend Steve brought his tascam four track and we recorded and jammed for hours with some of Vermonts finest musicians who I had been playing with for a near a year at that time. Classic english folk songs, jazz standards, dylan songs and new compositions by a number of players were approached and flowed through. Many songs connected to something else and many to moments of nothing at all. The audience and players gave there all and then some. This was later mixed at First take to beta PCM f1 format.

Drumming and Mixing


NEMO 1999 Compilation CD (2005)


Hummer's Judy's Street is featured on this cd

Hummer - Drums


The Best Taste in New Music Alternative Sampler (2005)


Hummer's Sweetly is featured on this compilation.



The Philadephia Music Conference (2005)


Hummer/Freud featured on this cd. Check out track #9 - Freud Worried Mind

Hummer - drums

Jim's Big Ego

Support the Truth (2005)


Jim's Big Ego, the people who brought you the song, "Asshole" - background to the web-famous viral video by, now bring you their very first purely electronic pressing (ep) of five outrageous songs of outrage. A protest album in an age sadly lacking in protest albums.


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ducky Carlisle
Track 5 recorded and Mixed by Aaron Shadwell
Jesse Flack: Bass
Dan Cantor: Drums
Aaron Shadwell: Guitar and Backing Vocals on Track 5
Jim Infantino: Guitar, Vocals, Drum Programming

Drums provided by Dan Cantor

African Underground

Vol. 1 Hip-Hop Senegal (2004)


Dan was asked to build a guerilla-style Nomadic recording rig to go to Africa and capture the sonic imprint of the brilliant rappers of Senegal, who single- handedly turned over a national election. Imagine if most of American rap had the punch and politics of Public Enemy and they effectively swung a national presidential election. That's what these impressive artists did in Senegal in 2001.

Dan jumped at the chance to join Ben Herson in Dakar, Senegal for this recording adventure.


"A ground-breaking underground hip-hop album from Senegal sets the stage for things to come in hip-hop. "
-Brita Brundage - November 4, 2004

"The talent is impressive, the beats are aggressive and an underground vibe runs throughout."
- BBC World News

"This sounds like the true Afrofunk."
- Village Voice

"DJs from LA to Bergen are championing this essential compilation."

"Senegalese rhymers pull no punches about poverty, war, corruption, globalization, injustice - and are invading the charts to boot."
-CMJ Review

"A protest so powerful, it may have helped push through the 2000 elections that finally broke the country free of one-party rule."
- Boston Phoenix

"Fans of hip-hop's pure fusion of beats and words (even if they're non-translated) will find plenty to nod their heads to."
-Boston Phoenix

Produced and mixed by Notable Productions. Additional songwriting by Dan Cantor. Guitar, bass and keys by Dan Cantor of Notable Productions.

First in a number of co-productions with Benny Herson at Nomadic Wax

Steve Mayone

Bedroom Rockstar (2004)


Steve Mayone's long-overdue solo release. This is his first solo record after leaving the band Hummer.

Songwriting contributions provided by Notable Productions.

The Jackson Jills

Headcase (2004)


Founded in 1963, the Jackson Jills is Tufts' oldest all-female a cappella group. We are a non-profit group, and we frequently sing at charity events, fundraisers, nursing homes, schools, and private parties, sharing our love of music with our audiences. Our vocal styles range from standards like The Beatles and Pat Benetar to new-comers like Sara Bareilles and the Black Eyed Peas. In recent years, our recordings have received many Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, and selected tracks have appeared on Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) albums and CAMO best-of a cappella albums.

-Jackson Jills

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Notable Productions.

Jim's Big Ego

They're Everywhere (2003)


Jim's Big Ego:
Jim Infantino: vocal, guitar
Dan Cantor: drums, vocal
Jesse Flack: bass, vocal

They're Everywhere is the fourth full length Jim's Big Ego studio release and their first in three years. They're Everywhere is one of the first major independent CDs to be released under a "Creative Commons" license, which unlike a traditional copyright, officially sanctions public sharing of music as long as it's not for profit.

For more information about Creative Commons, visit

Drums tracks performed and edited by Dan Cantor. Jim's vocal tracks recorded and edited by Jim and Dan. Most background vocals recorded and sung by Jesse and Dan. Ducky Carlisle engineered the rest and kicked some but with mixes.

Demetrius Spaneas

When Wind Comes to Sparse Bamboo (2003)



Multi-wind instrumentalist/composer/recording artist Demetrius Spaneas leads a varied international career and has worked with such diverse artists as John Cage, Ray Charles, and Kyrgyz traditional musicians. He has been featured soloist and composer at major concert venues and festivals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Through his work with the US Embassy system, he has presented concerts and lectures on American music and culture throughout the former Soviet Union. Interested in connecting cultures and creating international artistic dialogue, his current initiatives focus on Central Asia, the Balkans, China, and Russia.


Engineered, recorded and mixed by Notable Productions.

Manisha Shahane

Peace In Progress (2003)


Peace in Progress is Manisha Shahane's first major CD release.The track Shyam Rao-chi Mulgee was selected for inclusion on the Feb 2006 LAIAM Compilation CD (Los Angeles Independent Artists of the Month).


"...complex rhythms and well-constructed melody lines ... with unexpected harmonic twists and [a] flair for meaningful lyrics."

-Northeast Performer, Feb. '03, LIVE REVIEW.

"Her charming Marathi verses transport you to distant lands and a bygone era."

-Lokvani, Jan '04

" eclectic collection of introspective music that reaches out to many audiences."

-Dorchester Community News, Dec '03

Produced, engineered and recorded by Notable Productions. Drums played by Dan Cantor.

Christiane Karam

Christiane Karam (2003)


Engineered by Notable Productions.

Brandon Patton

Should Confusion (2002)


On his first major solo release:

One of my best buddies, We have a ball in the studio. He toured with hummer and we gigged with his old band Three Against Four. He's an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist with boundless enthusiam. Brandon has a wicked eye for the plaintive and a playful streak a mile wide. It's always a pleasure to work with him. Give his music a listen.

-Dan Cantor


...this is perhaps one of the best indie rock records I've heard this year... Brandon Patton's clever and gorgeous acoustic guitar-driven [album] Should Confusion (his fourth CD release) reaches in and grabs you by the cockles of your heart right from the get-go with its captivating musical arrangements.

Counting The Paces (the first song) is a drunken, romantic, melodic spill from the mouth of a downtrodden man on the brink of it all, laid to a very Beatles atmosphere with shades of (dare I say it) Leo Sawyer. From the first strum of the guitar chords, youre roped in.

Whats The Worst That Could Happen? kicks it up a notch, suddenly exploding with crystal clarity - a veritable challenge to get off your ass and give it a go (whatever the hell it might be). Patton's lyrical abilities are also noteworthy. Personable, witty, and immediately relatable, he sings of the small observations he makes around him. But he's a looker, not a stalker.

Refreshingly original yet comfortably familiar, Should Confusion is definitely a worthwhile listen for anyone who fancies well-scripted, melodic acoustic-guitar rock. It is but a question of time before Brandon Patton is a household name.

- Liam Lahey

Recorded and mixed by Notable Productions. Drums, background vocals and keyboard for select tracks provided by Dan Cantor.

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson, others

Live - The Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson Benefit (2002)


Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson Benefit
Luther Needs A Kidney, And The Dialysis Fees And Prescriptions Have Become Unaffordable...
May 19th 2002 Oak Park Greenfield NH

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson & The Magic Rockers
Sugar Ray & The Bluetones
Toni Lynn Washington
James Montgomery
Kan-Tu Blues Band
Michelle Wilson
Nichole Nelson
David Maxwell
Jerry Portnoy
Monster Mike Welch
Loaded Dice
K.D. Bell
Shirley Lewis
Voodoo Blues
Two Bones & A Pick
Otis & The Elevators
Skip Philbrick Blues Band
Cheryl Arena / Matt Woodurn
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Racky Thomas, Chris Fitz, Lonely Gus;


Raymond Kurzweil

Ramona (2001)


Raymond Kurzweil:
Author, inventor, futurist, and world expert in artifical intelligence.
Dedicated a small army to the task of bringing to life the world's first live virtual performing and recording artist, Ramona.

Dan was lucky to be chosen to help build sections of the audio gear needed for performing and recording Ramona's first album. We ended up presenting our first performance at the TED11 conference.

Notable Credits:
Live Electronic Drummer (This system was entirely silent on stage, with in-ear monitors and a booty shaker. It was by far the strangest live sonic experience of many drumming years.)
Consultant in building the large recording and digital performance audio rig

Three Against Four

Hey Sparkle Eyes (2000)


Mixed and engineered by Notable Productions. Drums provided by Dan Cantor.

Tracy Bonham

Down Here (2000)


Pre-production for Tracy Bonham's second major label release.

Engineered by Notable Productions.

Blind Man's Sun

Live From The Moon (2000)


Live from the Moon from Blind Man's Sun is a mix of jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic rock, funk and tropical calypso - "lyrical, humourous, tight, zany, and imaginitive".

Mixed by Notable Productions.

Foxtrot Zulu

Live at the Ocean Mist (2000)


From an auspicious start,  Foxtrot Zulu began to develop a core sound that “brings together a kaleidoscope of influences to create their own unique sound. Rock, jazz, folk, funk and ska intertwine within the framework of highly melodic and finely crafted songs...”

Relix Magazine

Engineered by Notable Productions.


Boom Box Blackout (2000)


Hipbone has been touring incessantly, keeping company with top-tier acts such as Fiona Apple, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic and Charlie Hunter. The nucleus of the band -- whose music can be described as a soulful mix of G-Love, Ben Folds Five, Soul Coughing and Traffic -- is formed by songwriter Brion Snyder and drummer Kevin Brock, who met in college and who later regrouped in Chapel Hill, NC, with the idea of forming a band. With the addition of bassist Aaron Bittikofer and saxophonist Chris Bentley, who was gigging in Alabama with the likes of the Temptations and the Four Tops, Hipbone was complete. The group's album The Brothers' Love and Movie made the top-10 album-of-the-year lists in both Spectator and Faze3.


Mixed, edited and produced by Notable Productions.


Premium (1999)


Premium is the first major album released by Hummer on Accurate Records. The album won critical praise for songwriting and sonic adventures exploring the swampland of American and English retro. Influences included: The Band, Beatles, Dylan, Neil Young, Los Lobos and Morphine (Whose Bari player Dana Colley graces two tracks). Premium features music by Dan Cantor and his long-time musical partner, Steve Mayone, who now fronts his own solo project.

All songs written by Dan Cantor and Steve Mayone
Drums, harmonica and vocals provided by Dan Cantor.
Produced by Dan Cantor/Notable Productions.

Jiggle the Handle

Live at the Stone Coast Brewing Co. (1999)


Jiggle The Handle classic Live album recorded at the Stone Coast Brewing Company.

Mixed by Notable Productions

Rick Berlin

Live @ Jacques (1999)


Rick Berlin's residency at Jacques Bar was a Monday night Boston tradition. When Rick sensed it might come to an end I was thrilled to help document five nights and assemble the performances into one seamless performance. His emotional reach and sincerity are rare. A PZM microphone hidden over the pool table provides transitional materials and captures the mood of this late night club.


"For five consecutive Mondays last July singer songwriter RICK BERLIN recorded his first solo CD at Jacques (79 Broadway in Bay Village, Boston, MA)

Berlin captures the live performance of material which has made him one of Boston's longest running current attractions, Berlin's solo work sustains his audience with it's honesty, wit, and provocative insights. Popularly regarded for his projects with previous local bands (Orchestra Luna, Berlin Airlift) this marks his first collaboration with a live audience and has been supervised by producer Dan Cantor (Notable Productions).

With a series of microphones strategically placed throughout the club (including pool table, bar and showroom), producer Cantor has caught both the immediacy and spontaneity of Berlin's performance, song writing and unique interaction with his audience.

Joining Rick onstage for selected accompaniment are Tyson Montgomery Leonard (electric violin), Chet Cahill (accordion), Chris Mehl (harmonica), Marnie Given (violin), Jonah Sacks (cello) and Dan Cantor (harp)."

Co-Produced  and  engineered by Notable Productions. Harmonica and percussion provided by Dan Cantor.


Face Demo (1998)


First Public Release by Hummer.

Daniel Cantor and Stephen Mayone: Songwriter, Recording and Mix Engineer.


Nine Lives (1997)

Multimedia Tracks


This rock album features multimedia tracks. Notable produced the virtual guitar and drum tracks for this record and Aerosmiths subsequent playstation game.

Guitar and drum programming, transcriptions,  and creation of virtual tracks by Notable Productions.

Skavoovie & The Epitones

Ripe (1997)


I was honored to help my Cousin, Ben, and his band with their Swan Song record. Great guys and a great band. How did they get all that music into one record?

Review from Moon Ska:

"Ripe" showcases Skavoovie & The Epitones' wonderfully infectious brand of swingin', jazzy, big band ska music that pre-dated the USA Swing revival. Features the track “Blood Red Sky”.

Drum tech and percussionist on a handful of tracks. Engineering on the demo that helped get them signed.

Rob Levit Group

East River View (1997)


Rob Levit -Guitar
Chris Cheek- Sax
John Mettam- Drums
Stephan Crump- Bass

Mix Engineer

Mike Cantor

That's All (1996)


Mike Cantor: Vocals and guitar
Chris Neville: Keyboards
John Lockwood: Acoustic bass
Russ Gershon: Tenor and soprano saxes
John Ramsay: Drums
Daniel Cantor: Drums on Just Friends and on Gee, Baby

Mike plays Gibson and Gretsch guiters

Notable Credits:
Engineering and Mixing
Drums on Just Friends and on Gee, Baby


One Eye on the World, One Eye on the Clock (1990)


Recording Engineer
The Boy with the Wooden Head

Big Clock

The Boy with the Wooden Head (1990)


The Big Takeover > top-ten
Greg Bartalos's Top Ten — July 27

by Greg Bartalos
27 July 2008

1. Rob Dickinson – Fresh Wine From the Horses (reissue) (Sanctuary/Fontana)
2. Stew – Passing Strange (Ghostlight)
3. Street Dogs – State of Grace (Hell Cat)
4. Paul Westerberg – 49:00 (Dry Wood Music)
5. Adam Franklin – Bolts of Melody (Hi-Speed Soul)
6. Flight of the Conchords – "Business Time"
7. The Cavedogs – Joyrides for Shut-Ins (Capitol)
8. Big Clock – The Boy With the Wooden Head (White Canvas)
9. Martin Newell – A Summer Tamarind (Cherry Red)
10. Ulrich Schnauss – A Strangely Isolated Place (Domino)


With its amusing title and goofy front cover, The Boy With the Wooden Head could have led one to believe that this CD was a lot more abstract and left-of-center than it actually was. But in fact, Big Clock's alternative pop-rock and guitar-pop was consistently melodic, very accessible, and not without its share of likable harmonies. Clearly, this was a band that was striving for originality. Lead singer Mark Pagani seems to have been influenced by the quirks of David Bowie, Ric Ocasek and Roxy Music leader Bryan Ferry, and yet, rock's electro-acoustic jangly-guitar school is a promient influence on this decent effort. Despite the fact that Wooden Head is a bit uneven, its more memorable cuts (which include "The Sweetest Chemical," "I Remember You" and "Poison Rain") indicated that Big Clock had potential. Heard on violin and background vocals is Tracy Bonham, who would hit big in 1996.

Review by: Alex Henderson at

Notable Credits:
Band Member
To Be Scanned

Big Clock

Vinyl EP (1990)


Co-Produced by Dan Cantor at Newbury Sound. Co-Written by Dan Cantor. Drums played by Dan Cantor.


Soma This (1989)


What happens when outcasts of four bands come together to lick their wounds and play music purely for the fun of it. No egos, no leaders just people making music for the joy and supporting each others as singer-songwriters. That sandbox was my basement in Cambridge on Sparks street and the musicians involved were: Stephen Mayone, Klyle Esposito, Mark Weltner, Sam Bozeman and myself. Mostly recorded and mixed at First Take, inc on Newbury Street.

Engineering, Songwriting, Mixing

Robben Ford

Playin' the Blues (1987)


Robben Ford's Lesson Video Playin' the Blues. A brilliant musician and sweet man with golden guitar fingers.

Notable Credits: Engineering and Programming

Roberta Flack

White Nights Soundtrack (1985)


Roberta Flack vocals grace this classic late eighties soundtrack. Dan was a neophyte working for Eumir Deodato IN NYC at his first real studio gig when this project came in. Getting Roberta and her entourage tea and setting up the Mic and keys for Roberta was a big step at that time. Ms. Flack likes to play the keyboard part into her headphones as she sang every note. She was a stickler for pitch and Mallory Earl my engineer mentor was behind the desk. Duplex studio was at west Broadway and canal and the building had lots of famous types working in it. It kept me star struck in the evavator. Cindy Lauper would tease me about my hair cause it was only all one color when she caught me checking her hair out.

Assistant Engineer