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Notable Productions

Notable Productions

Sony PCM-R300 DAT Recorder

The Sony
PCM-R300 is a low-cost DAT recorder offering unbalanced RCA analog inputs and outputs, and unbalanced coaxial and optical digital input and output, user setup menu system, adjustable ID6 mode (SCMS).


  • SBM Recording Function, signal to noise ratio equivalent to 20-bit system
  • Start ID, End ID, Skip ID front panel control
  • Setup menu control
  • Error rate display
  • Coaxial and optical digital interface
  • A/D and D/A monitoring
  • Long Play mode - record and playback

High resolution converters deliver superb sound quality
The audio performance of any digital tape recorder is almost entirely dependent on the quality of the A/D and D/A conversion at its inputs and outputs. It is in these converters that the signal is most likely to be degraded. Sony has fitted the
PCM-R300 with 20-bit delta-sigma A/D and 1-bit pulse D/A converter technology to ensure stable, highly linear performance with excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

SBM provides 20-bit signal quality from 16 bits
The DAT format uses 16-bit format recording. The signal from the analogue to digital converters is processed by the unique Sony SBM (Super Bit Mapping) circuitry that uses advanced noise shaping techniques to achieve a dynamic range of a 20-bit signal with only 16 bits. This advantage is preserved digitally, so a DAT recording made on an SBM-equipped machine produces a clearer sound on a subsequent CD master.

All three sampling rates supported, including long play
In normal playback mode the
PCM-R300 supports sampling rates of 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, selectable from the front panel. The 32 kHz long-play format allows up to four hours recording to be made on a standard two-hour DAT cassette. The signal is sampled using 12-bit, non-linear quantisation.

Advanced error correction
The double-encoded Reed-Solomon error correction circuitry is able to correct or conceal many of the errors caused by damaged tapes or poorly recorded material from other machines. The PCM-R300 features an error-rate display that makes it easy to see when head cleaning is due or if a poor quality tape is being used.

ID control
All the controls necessary to record Start ID, Stop ID and Skip ID are available on the panel. They are duplicated on the standard, infra-red RM-D757 Remote Control Unit.

Reliable mechanism
The front-loading mechanism of the
PCM-R300 uses a 2 head dual motor design with an advanced servo control system for high reliability and precise tape handling.

Menu system
PCM-R300 uses a menu system with a large multicolor display to facilitate set up of the following features:

  • Copy protect bit and current tape status
  • Automatic record mute
  • Automatic start ID writing
  • DAT duplication – ID copy
  • CD-DAT duplication – ID copy
  • Display options
  • Auto Track Numbering,
  • with first track number selection (1-99)
  • Digital interface signal format check
  • Hours meter – shows total play / record time for maintenance purposes
  • The display shows tape time, recording time, tape remaining time and also provides comprehensive input level metering.

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.

Sony PCM-R300 DAT Recorder
Notable Productions

Sony 608 ESD CD Player

Sony 608 ESD CD Player
Best Offer

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.
Notable Productions

Sound Survey Meter - Possibly from the 1950's

Sound Survey Meter - Possibly from the 1950s
Decibel Meter
Built like a tank
Voulme with weighted functions A,B and C
Works with an odd battery from Radio Shack

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.
Notable Productions

Used G4 dual 1.25 ghz dual Bootable Superdrive Mirror door

Used G4 dual 125 ghz dual Bootable Superdrive Mirror door
Notable Productions

Used Apple G4 1.4ghz

Used Apple G4 14ghz
60 gig 640 megs of ram and Zip Drive and CDR drive
Missing bezel on zip but works great
Includes lots of softwareg with single
1.4 ghz processor
Notable Productions

Millennia Hv3  Microphone Preamp for sale used $1100

2 channel Microphone Pre-amp $1100

Ultimate pristine clean fast straightwire gain for your lovely microphones. It is revered amoung classical, jazz and pop recordists. Even when Im using a neve or api to get punchy distortion on drums I love using this for the overheads or clean ribbon mic gain for something I want to stand out as clear as a bell. Vocals, acoustic guitars, Even snare sometimes gets the love. An old rca 44 or 77 through this beast is full and powerful. I have 8 more channels or I would not sell it. It has been back to Millennia for a tune up and some older power supply components to be replaced last year but otherwise its been solid as a rock. Its now really a vintage piece as its birth was in 1994 but its clean as whistle sonically and cosmetically.

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.

Millennia Hv3 nbspMicrophone Preamp for sale used 1100