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Valley Luthiery - Gary Long brings his awesome boutique guitar pedals and amps to Notable for a demo and workshop featuring Berklee Guitar Expert/players Mark Simos and Thaddeus Hogarth
Daniel Cantor and Ben Herson discuss cheeses and Nomadic Wax mixes
Avid video team sets up for their lovely piece about Aliya Cycon and her album production and Our recording at Notable.
Daniel Cantor and Hired Gun at Trinity International's Hip-Hop festival
Anthony Grant, Lance Martin and Daniel Cantor. Best Musicians and Best Friends. We miss you lance.
Berklee Students and proud professor with a pack of AES Awards at the International Student Recording Competition
Control shot back when the Tannoy dmt12 rained supreme. Now its dynaudios with custom crossovers to stereo jbl subs Or genelec 8060a
BDS fundraiser. All Journey and Mark Simos plays my Strat. He can rock. :)
Valley Luthiery - Custom Amps and Pedals by Gary Long
You can try his pedals at Notable call us for a virtual demo
Neve 5316 Console from 1979. Before I got it, the board was in service doing ESPN/ABC Sports broadcasts from 79-93
Beyond the Borders choir session for Susan Cohen's beautiful lament for Syrian Refugees at Futura
I Proudly stand with my Friends Poetic Pilgrimage during writing/ recording session and Aljazeera Bio Pic.
Poor Remy visits Notable and records "ghost"
Jesse Flack and Daniel Cantor from Jim's Big Ego during BOSE video shoot at WGBH. JBE songs used for Bose Promo material
Daniel and Sean Host AES/ PTUG Intern workshop panel at Berklee Media Center
Which Snare is the right one for this song?
Steven Barnett session for "Silence Makes a Sound" video. Amazing director Travis Beauchamp on my left.
Nomadic Massive works on new versions of their songs with Dan. A brilliant team of outspoken multi-lingual MC’s and Singers. I hope they come back for a longer stay, they are an amazing musical confederation.
Berklee Students and Dan at 2018 AES Student Competition. We have finalists in 4 out of 5 categories!
Mohamed and Sarina from Native Sun are joined by a crack band of fun studio musicians to explore live afro beat arrangements and grooves for their songs
Lena knows her Dad is happy to get the Sony/MCI JH24 working in the Notable Productions tape room. All LEDs working :)
Daniel Cantor
Mamie wants me to stay clean shaven like this :) So I did for her Birthday.

Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt & Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween and a new website! Recorded at Notable!

I could listen to these guys all day long.

Walid Zairi Ken Hiatt amp Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween and a new website Recorded at Notable

Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt and Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween. With it came a beautiful new website!

Recorded at Notable Productions this past year. It was a very organic session. The Oud and Accordion were recorded in the same room with older microphones and stereo room mics to get there vibe and image. After espresso, the gentlemen sat down in front of on the right side an RCA77 in front -and C414eb in the back of the accordion. Facing him was Walid on Oud mic'ed with a KM84-Tabfunkenwerk47 and a stereo Royer for the room. No headphones and No overdubs except some percussion.

They were on fire.... lovely way to spend your Sunday morning.

Congrats Guys!

Walid's New Website

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Notable Productions is the perfect place to record your next project

Here we are doing a mic shoot out for the Dingo Babies.

vocal recording image
The mic you choose is a conduit for your emotional performance.
It changes the sound and tone of your vocal. Choosing just the right one can make your music leap out of the speakers and seduce your listeners.
We pride ourselves on helping you find just the right microphone from our deep... deep mic closet. :)

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