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Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt & Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween and a new website! Recorded at Notable!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Walid Zairi, Ken Hiatt and Fabio Pirozzolo release their album Talween. With it came a beautiful new website!

Recorded at Notable Productions this past year. It was a very organic session. The Oud and Accordion were recorded in the same room with older microphones and stereo room mics to get there vibe and image. After espresso the gentlemen sat down in front of on the right side an RCA77 in front -and C414eb in the back of the accordion. Facing him was Walid on Oud mic'ed with a KM84-Tabfunkenwerk47 and a stereo Royer for the room. No headphones and No overdubs except some percussion.

They were on fire.... lovely way to spend your Sunday morning.

Congrats Guys!

Walid's New Website

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Melodyne 4 Comes to Berklee Media Center Tonight

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Melodyne 4 Comes to Berklee Media Center Tonight
Product expert Carlo Libertini comes to show off the new features of Melodyne 4, the latest version of the flagship audio editing software. With Melodyne you can adjust the pitch, timing, dynamics and timbre of individual notes, even within chords! New features include the Sound Editor with its totally new sound design possibilities, DNA: Direct Note Access and ultra-accurate tempo detection. Furthermore, Melodyne 4 studio now also runs directly as a plug-in within your DAW. All are welcome. This event is supported by the MP&E department, the AES student chapter, the Pro Tools Users Group of Boston (moderated by Dan Cantor and Sean Mclaughlin), and Parsons Audio.

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Notable Artist Moussa Traore @ Berklee Performance Center, November 3

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Notable Artist Moussa Traore  Berklee Performance Center November 3
Here at Notable, we have had the pleasure of working with Master Malian musician Moussa Traore on his new record, Mali Kan.  Please join us at the Berklee Performance Center, November 3, for the album's official release.

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