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Notable Productions


Millennia Hv3  Microphone Preamp for sale used $1100

2 channel Microphone Pre-amp $1100

Ultimate pristine clean fast straightwire gain for your lovely microphones. It is revered amoung classical, jazz and pop recordists. Even when Im using a neve or api to get punchy distortion on drums I love using this for the overheads or clean ribbon mic gain for something I want to stand out as clear as a bell. Vocals, acoustic guitars, Even snare sometimes gets the love. An old rca 44 or 77 through this beast is full and powerful. I have 8 more channels or I would not sell it. It has been back to Millennia for a tune up and some older power supply components to be replaced last year but otherwise its been solid as a rock. Its now really a vintage piece as its birth was in 1994 but its clean as whistle sonically and cosmetically.

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.

Millennia Hv3 nbspMicrophone Preamp for sale used 1100