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Mixx Magazine Hummer Review

Mixx Magazine Hummer Review
"This is a three song tape, but it is packed with peanuts and really satisfies! Hummer is Dan Cantor and Steve Mayone, together this duo makes a group! Almost all of the noises heard on Facedemo are produced by one of these two multi-talented players. The pair uses their sizable amounts of skill to flesh out a sound that is much larger than the sum of their parts.
Either one or both of these boys has a serious amount of studio smarts, because the project fairly reeks of D.I.Y. I can't imagine anyone besides the duo themselves in the studio creating this masterwork. If they had other help, it is not noted in their sparse but humorous demo package. The short one-sheet and accompanying cover letter gently cradled a modest, clear-shell tape, with a clean and effective label. However, no information was provided about the recording process, and I found myself cursing Hummer for this glaring oversight!
These veterans of more than a dozen regional bands seem to have found a real sound together. You will hear more on Hummer when I review their full-length CD "Premium" which my mailbox is currently salivating for...
In the meantime, get this tape and whet your appetite for Hummer, ... -Christopher Marz