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Ashley Protea System 4.24PS $75 plus shipping if needed.

Ashley Protea System 424PS 75 plus shipping if needed

4-Channel Digital Parametric EQ

The Protea 4.24PS 4-Channel Parametric EQ Sys Processor lets you install multiple-channel parametric equalizers where tamperproof, precise audio equalization is required. Easily control and program the Protea EQ with Ashly's exclusive Protea System Software running on a PC or a MIDI controller. The Protea 4.24PS is housed in an all-steel, 2RU chassis, and has four independent channels of fully programmable 12-band parametric EQ with limiter, high- and low-pass filter, and time delay functions.

Each parametric band allows for 1/25th to 3.3 octave Q, a twenty-four step/octave frequency adjustment from 20Hz to 20KHz, and level control of +10/-20dB in 0.5dB increments. High and low-shelf filters are adjustable from 1.6kHz to 20kHz and 20Hz to 240Hz, respectively. High and low pass filters are 24dB/octave adjustable from 20Hz to 10.6kHz and 33Hz to 20kHz, respectively. The time delay is adjustable up to 1.364 seconds.

Other features include 24-bit A/D-D/A conversion, 24-bit/100MHz digital processing, RS-232, and MIDI interface, linkable channels, +6dB/-infinity master gain, and 128 preset locations. Both units display individual channel numbers using 7-segment displays. Signal present and signal clip levels are indicated by discrete LEDs.

Call Dan at 617-680-5840 or email at for more details.

From Ashly: Protea System II 4.24PS The programmable parametric equalizer shall consist of four independent channels of 24 bit digital parametric equalization. Each channel shall consist of 12 bands with an adjustable Q ranging from 1/25th to 3.3 octaves. Frequency adjustment shall be twenty-four step/octave from 20Hz to 20KHz. The range of equalization per band shall be +10/-20dB in 0.5dB increments. The equalizer shall have a gain of unity with all bands set at zero, and shall have a maximum in/out level of +20dBu. Frequency response shall be ±.25dB 20Hz to 20kHz. Dynamic Range shall be greater than 110dB (20Hz-20KHz, unweighted) and SMPTE intermodulation distortion or THD shall be less than 0.01% at 1KHz, +20dBu. Input impedance shall be 18K ohms balanced. Output impedance shall be 200 ohms. Inputs and outputs shall be balanced type on XLR and 1/4 phone jacks. Each channel shall have a programmable high shelf filter adjustable from 1.6KHz to 20KHz and a low shelf filter adjustable from 20Hz to 240Hz. Level adjustment of the High and Low Shelf shall be in 0.5dB increments with a range of +/-15dB and shall have a selectable slope of 6 or 12dB. The equalizer shall also include on each channel a 24dB per octave high pass filter adjustable from 20Hz to 10.6KHz, a 24dB per octave low pass filter adjustable from 33Hz to 20KHz, a full function, pre/post switchable compres- sor/limiter with adjustable threshold, ratio, attack and release controls, and a time delay capable of a maximum of 1.364 sec- onds adjustable in 20us increments. LED indicators shall show signal present, clip and MIDI channel number. Channel gain shall be adjustable over a range of +6dB to - infinity in 0.5db increments. Control of the unit shall be via the RS-232 serial port using Ashly Protea System Software, or via MIDI. External recall of up to six scenes via contact closure shall be accessable through a db9 connector. The equalizer shall weigh 13 lbs net and mount in a standard 19 rack using 2 spaces (3.50 high). The power requirement shall be 90-125VAC (180-250VAC, switch- able), 50-60Hz, 27W. The unit shall be the Ashly Audio Protea System II 4.24PS.