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Roland D110 Synthesizer

Roland's D110 was a very underrated little module. It's principal purpose was to provide users with a range of stock sounds that would just be generally useful in a wide range of different musical styles.

Offering 32-voice polyphony and 8-part multi-timbrality, you could buy cards for the D110 to expand the on-board sounds. Typically, these were 'orchestral', 'brass', 'woodwind', etc., making it a versatile source of 'bread and butter' sounds for any number of musical applications. However, the cost of memory at the time was high and so the cards (and on-board memory) only had limited storage. As a result, the samples were short and compromised. That said, in the right hands, the D110 could sound surprisingly good, especially at the time (1988). I remember hearing a demo of one on the Roland stand at a trade show when it was released and it was very impressive (but then, most Roland demos are!).

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Roland D110 Synthesizer

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