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AKAI S1000 Sampler w 32 megs.  Used.  $350

AKAI S1000 Sampler w 32 megs nbspUsed nbsp350


Sampler w/ 32 megs of ram + Dig I/O IB 104.

Advanced edit capabilities for looping, truncating, sample merging, time comp/exp, tuning and even analog-like parameters to control its filters and envelopes. Individual outputs for each of the 16 voices, stereo mix out, stereo input, MIDI, and trigger inputs round out this machine as a professional vintage-status sampler that still proves to be very useful even today!

It features 16-voices, up to 32MG of RAM, and 24-bit internal processing wherein samples can be processed through a set of analog-like (although digital) modifiers, including a digital filter (18dB/octave), an LFO, and two ADSR envelope generators (one for amplitude and one for the filter). The S1000 also offered up to 8 different loop points.

The S1000 came standard with a set of XLR and a set of 1/4" inputs on the front panel for sampling with an knob and switch for gain adjustment. On the back panel is a stereo out and 8 assignable outputs, along with effects send (mono) and return (stereo), a footswitch input, and the usual MIDI connectors (IN, OUT, THRU).

Available options included expanded memory (up to 32MB with Akai's own memory boards), Atari Hard Disk Interface Board, Digital Audio Interface Board, and SCSI Interface Board.

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