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Roberta Flack

Roberta Flack

White Nights Soundtrack (1985)


Roberta Flack vocals grace this classic late eighties soundtrack. Dan was a neophyte working for Eumir Deodato IN NYC at his first real studio gig when this project came in. Getting Roberta and her entourage tea and setting up the Mic and keys for Roberta was a big step at that time. Ms. Flack likes to play the keyboard part into her headphones as she sang every note. She was a stickler for pitch and Mallory Earl my engineer mentor was behind the desk. Duplex studio was at west Broadway and canal and the building had lots of famous types working in it. It kept me star struck in the evavator. Cindy Lauper would tease me about my hair cause it was only all one color when she caught me checking her hair out.

Assistant Engineer