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Omzo Senegal

Omzo (Senegal)

Omzo (2007)


Omzo began rapping at the age of 14 on the streets of Media, an impoverished ghetto in the heart of Dakar Senegal. As Omzo began performing in his 'hood', word spread fast around Medina about the young rapper ‘with the relaxed and laid back style’ and flow. His style was in sharp contrast to other groups in Senegal at that time most of whom preferred to rhyme in lighting fast Wolof. Omzo soon earned respect in Dakar's vibrant and competitive underground Hip-Hop scene. He amazed crowds all over Senegal touching them with lyrics that dealt directly with daily struggle, politics and spirituality. By rapping about these kinds of topics Omzo began to truly define his artistic personality and lyrical skills. In 2000 Omzo participated in yet another compilation called "POLITICHIEN" "(Political Dogs)"(Fitna Prod). With this compilation Omzo was propelled into nationwide popularity with his legendary track "Kunu Abal Ay Beut" (The Hand That Leads is the Hand that Rules). The song was a scathing attack on corrupt leaders, the IMF and the World Bank and demanded Senegal’s leaders to take responsibility for their actions. The song was one of the first hip-hop tracks in Senegal to be embraced by both the young and old alike and was said to have had a direct influence on the elections in Dakar in 2000. In 2003 Omzo was invited to attend a global Hip-Hop summit in Berlin Germany where he represented Senegal along side a number of European and international hip-hop groups.Omzo also participated in the "African Underground" compilation series produced by Brooklyn based producer BENNY BEATS of Nomadic Wax LLC. The track "Missalu Aduna" (The Philosophy of Life) went on to achive regular airplay on radio internationally.Omzo continued to work with Nomadic Wax and went onto record his debut full-length album "JAMM JEXNA"(No Rest ‘Till We Get What We Want).

Recorded by Daniel Cantor /Notable Productions.