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Gabriel Teodros

Gabriel Teodros

Live at Trinity Int'l Hip-Hop Festival 2010 (2010)


Gabriel Teodros is the everyday journeyman with more stories to tellthan most people twice his age. Having seen both city and countrysidethrough the eyes of a broke-ass rapper and immigrant child, Teodrosspins observations and wordplay into internationalism on wax. Linkingfirst and third world people’s struggles, he is sincere when he says”we in this together son, your beef is mine.”From ciphers at Westlake to spending months in Vancouver and Brooklyn,Gabriel’s story is one of trial, tribulation and a search forredemption. The contrast of his onstage ferocity with his offstagehumility reveals a multifaceted spirit who understands that thepolitical is personal. Whether addressing political repression andresistance in East Africa or reflecting on the effects of patriarchyin his relationships, Teodros captures each moment soulfully with hisunmistakably (north)west coast delivery.Teodros has left a mark in the underground NW hiphop scene as one halfof the duo Abyssinian Creole (with emcee Khingz Makoma), and since thelate 90’s has been seen rocking microphones from classrooms totheatres, clubs, protests, prisons to street corners alongside thelikes of Zap Mama, Fishbone, KRS-One, The Coup, Souls Of Mischief,Digable Planets, Aceyalone & Abstract Rude, GZA/Genius and ImmortalTechnique to name a few. Even before dropping his upcoming solomasterpiece, Lovework, in early 2007 on Mass Line, Teodros has alreadygot love from a community who eagerly anticipate his next story totell.

Recorded by Daniel Cantor / Notable Productions