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Omar Offendum

Omar Offendum

Live at Trinity Int'l Hip-Hop Festival 2011 (2011)


OMAR OFFENDUM is a Syrian-American MC/Producer - born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Washington DC, and living in Los Angeles. He started his musical career off as 1/2 of The N.O.M.A.D.S., co-produced the critically-acclaimed "FREE-THE-P" Mixtape, participated in "The Arab Summit" project, co-authored the "Brooklyn Beats 2 Beirut Streets" performance-lecture, & was featured on several major news outlets (BBC/ Yahoo/ ABC News/ Aljazeera/ Reuters/ Gulf News). He has helped raise thousands of dollars for various humanitarian relief organizations (PCRF/ Islamic Relief/ ANERA/ Kinder) & toured the world to perform his ground-breaking music. Offendum is currently hard at work promoting his debut solo release - affectionately dubbed "SyrianamericanA"

Recorded by Dan Cantor / Notable Productions