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Black Sea Salsa

Black Sea Salsa

Crimean Dance Party (2004)


Black Sea Salsa is a 15-piece World-Music group made up of 6 horns, 4 vocalists, and 5 rhythm, playing an original blend of Armenian music and Afro-Cuban Jazz. Led by trumpeter Dan Teager, who writes and arranges the band's repertoire, Black Sea Salsa has established itself as one of Boston's premier festival bands, playing for venues such as Sail Boston 2000, Marblehead Arts Festival, Norwood Summerfest, and the Boston Arts Festival. In addition, the group has been officially recognized by the Massachusetts Arts Council, which awarded Black Sea Salsa a grant to perform a series of outdoor concerts in Belmont and Watertown.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Notable Productions. Drums and Timbales performed by Dan Cantor.