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Narcy Iraq

Narcy (Iraq)

Live at Trinity Int'l Hip-Hop Festival 2009 (2010)


Having lived in Canada and the UAE, Narcy found a bridge in his leapfrom a Middle Eastern teenager to a Westernized adult through hisculture-away from home: Hip Hop. With searing lyrical content andrelentless Kalashnikov delivery, Narcy became one of the foundingmembers of conscious Arab Hip Hop, having established undergroundheroes Euphrates with his best friends and producers Nofy Fannan andHabillis. ‘The Letter’ was their first production, a hair-raisinganthem for Iraqis written in the form of a letter to the US governmentthat quickly spread across the World Wide Web and to stereos acrossthe globe. The track would set the tone for Euphrates’ distinctivesound and subject matter: Imagine Oum Kulthum, Public Enemy and EdwardSaid stuck in a sound studio.In 2001, the group’s first independent release came as humanity wasfacing the coming of the New World Order. Euphrates released A Bend inthe River as the voice of young Arabs in the West seekingunderstanding of their experience through immigration, decolonizationand reintegration into Western life and media. The album representedthe rage and resentment in the hearts of many at the state of theMiddle East as well as the confusion and dichotomizing relationshipbetween 2 clashing cultures in one person. The album received acclaimall over Canada and thanks to the internet, across the underground HipHop globe. The album was a precursor to their highly anticipatedsecond release in 2004: Stereotypes Incorporated. Over the years,Narcy has shared stages solo and with Euphrates opening for the likesof Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Non-Phixion, Madlib, A-Trak and DJ Vadimto name a few. The Narcicyst is currently recording a triple LPtentatively titled The Illuminarcy Trilogy whilst writing a Mastersthesis on Hip Hop and Identity in Montreal, /

Recorded by Daniel Cantor / Notable Productions