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KG Kenya

KG (Kenya)

Live at Trinity Int'l Hip-Hop Festival 2010 (2010)


The re-birth of the East African Urban music arena, help set pace forK-G’s future. Music filled with percussion, accapella and acousticblends, elements found in K-G’s own style, coupled with theContemporary/Afro-urban mix…A global inspiration from Papa Wemba, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Seal,Wyclef Jean and later on the Dave Matthews Band.With an Afro-urban heritage in the United States, K-G brings to theforefront a genuine inclination to positive vibrations.The Story is not only for K-G, but also a beacon of hope speaking outto East Africa’s urban destitute youth engulfed in crime and poverty .A break-through beyond their plight to make a living out of music in athird world region where jobs are limited. Another way to make anhonest living.”I want to be an advocate and an ambassador that relays a message ofhope, courage and endearment through music.” For more info contact K-G at:info@swahilientertainment.comNomadic Global Hip-Hop Allstarswww.nomadicwax.comThe NOMADIC GLOBAL HIP-HOP ALLSTARS are the world’s premier GLOBALHIP-HOP group featuring MCs from Africa, South America, Asia, TheMiddle East and the Caribbean. The band also features members ofgroups such as Antibalas, Basement Bhangra, The Jugganots, Dub is aWeapon and Subatomic Sound

Recorded by Daniel Cantor / Notable Productions