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African Underground Vol 2

Omzo (Senegal)

African Underground: Vol. 2 (2007)


Omzo is easily one of Dakar’s most unique and influential MCs. Omzobegan rapping as a young teen in the Senegalese Ghetto of Thiaoarylocated on the out skirts of Dakar. Unlike many other young MCs in hishood Omzo preferred to rock the crowd in his mellow, laid back flows.In the year 2000 Omzo released the single “Kunu Abal A Beut”(translated: The Hand That Leads is the Hand That Rules) a scathingattack on corrupt politicians, globalization and the World Bank. Thesong caused such a stir locally that it is cited as having had adirect effect on the 2000 elections when the former corrupt regime wasousted. Without a doubt Omzo is one of Dakar?s true hip-hop leadersbringing truth and consciousness to his audience. Look out for hisalbum on Nomadic Wax in 2004!